February is a hopeful month. I play this little mental game in the wee dark days before Christmas. I tell myself, when it is already dusk at 3:30pm and I’m feeling down, that this will be 5 o’clock in February and somehow that always cheers me up. And last evening at 5 o’clock, I saw it was true. February has made good on its promise.

Of course February has other perks too – Valentine’s Day – an excuse for dessert 🙂 and Pancake Day – another excuse for dessert 🙂

I have a story up at The Pygmy Giant. Some of you ladies might identify with this: Weighing it all Up. I pay tribute to the patience of the team at Energie in Morpeth where I am endeavouring to keep up the hard work.  I am told that endorphens are supposed to kick in – the feel-good factor. I think God may have forgotten to give me endporphins.

On 12th I am pleased to announce, I have a rather unusual story at Every Day Fiction – “As Long as we’re Together”. I will link it in as soon as it is up.

In the meantime I hope you read our February poems at Every Day Poets and stay warm – that dern groundhog went and saw a shadow!