I’ll be reading a couple of poems here tonight with other local writers. It’s the first collaberation of this group of people so that will be interesting. I am going to read The Mission in honour of Endeavour’s last successful mission which ended yesterday. Always a keen Trekkie and follower of NASA missions, I wrote this one a couple of years ago. The ISS has been a real project of peaceful co-operation. Pity we don’t get along so well down here where it matters so much…

Next Thurday I’m going to Pink Lane Jazz Club to see what that’s like before I read there in July. I hope it’s not too scary a place.

I’ll also be going to the Durham moot between Vane Women and Carte Blanche on the 20th and am looking forward to that mid-summer poetry. Busy Busy Busy…

So far this month I have 7 poems accepted to Static Poerty IV Anthology
The Wreck of the Prie Dieu in microhorror
Executive Washroom (drabble) in Static Movement
Offunato’s Yesterday
Secular Rite
in EDF on the 5th
About to Blow coming up at The Pygmy Giant
Songs of Kalat at Modicum Issue 3
Then in Angel Zapata’s 5 x 5 Fiction Issue 2 (stories of 5 sentences of 5 words each) Revelation and Rewilding  Also I’m thrilled in that publication to be in the company of two of my best friends Nathan Rosen editor of MicroHorror who had a story The Noise in last time and Kathleen Cassen Mickelson who is my c0-editor at Every Day Poets. I had no idea she could be such a ghoul 🙂

and of course the winners will be announced of our competition at everydaypoets on June 23rd. But I’m SO EXCITED. One of our winners, whose name I cannot divulge because it’s still under wraps, is coming to meet me 🙂 at the end of June. There will be pics of course. There will be lunch 🙂 There will be much talk of poetry and art.

I always think it’s such a pity that the light has to peak in June – just as I’m beginning to enjoy summer it starts getting darker again. I suppose I’m just a glass half empty person… I try not to be – all the time and this June I have so much to look forward to!